Nature Education Program


Led by our on-staff naturalist, Ms. Amy, Franklin's outdoor education program, Beyond the Walls, heightens the children's knowledge and interest in the environment with special activities and presentations. Natural gardening, habitats for animals, seasonal studies, observation skills and exploring the great outdoors in a variety of weather conditions are all part of this exciting program that is also woven into Franklin's indoor classroom curriculum.

Performing Arts


The Drama program is designed to provide expressive experiences in the dramatic arts.  Under the direction of our Drama teacher, our children develop self-confidence, leadership qualities and body control as they act out a variety of stories and scenes. The children are exposed to a wide variety of literature including poetry, fables, fairy tales, and Shakespeare which they analyze by discussing plot,

setting and characters. 



Music is an integral part of our Franklin program and is celebrated every day in our classrooms.  In addition to this integrated music program, our music teacher moves between classrooms and works with the children in small groups, allowing her to follow the interest of the child and enhance their musical experience.  

Foreign Language


From birth through six years of age is the perfect time to introduce foreign languages to children.  Spanish and Mandarin are taught by our foreign language team using interactive lessons presenting basic vocabulary through songs and stories. The children learn words, colors, numbers, names of animals and greetings.

Visual Arts


Based in Franklin's Indoor/Outdoor art studio, the Art program at Franklin extends into each classroom. Under the leadership of our Montessori teachers, children learn about famous artists and their works. Art experiences include following a set procedure for projects as well as many opportunities for free expression using paint, finger paint, clay, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. Visit our hallway gallery where the children's art work is on display. 

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