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Toddler Staff


Fatima Hammouda

Lead Toddler Guide


Fatima Hammouda has been working with the Metro Montessori schools for the past 20 years. She has been in a Montessori environment first as an assistant, and then as a Montessori guide. She received her certification in the Montessori Infants and Toddlers program in 2004. Fatima enjoys being with the toddlers because they are enthusiastic learners and  natural explorers. She loves to see them acquiring  new skills, growing in independence and becoming social. Fatima is the mother of four grown children, and recently became the  grandmother of an amazing grandson.  She grew up in France and Algeria and speaks both French and Arabic.  When not in the classroom, Fatima enjoys taking walks in nature, visiting with friends, helping others and spending time with my family. She feels fortunate to work at Franklin Montessori among a dedicated and warm- hearted team of teachers.

LIz Hannan.jpg

Elizabeth Hannan

Lead Toddler Guide

In 2010, Liz was working in a traditional preschool teaching Pre-K.  She was inspired to pursue her Montessori certification by a close friend who worked at a Montessori School in Virginia. After spending some time as an assistant in a Montessori environment, she fell in love with the philosophy.  She was impressed by how children were so calm, engaged in their work, and independent. She went on to receive her Montessori certification in 2013 from the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Barie School. Liz loves what she does, and finds working with toddlers very rewarding.  When not in the classroom, Liz stays busy. She participates in triathlons, hikes in nature, travels, and spends time with friends.


Sandhya Singh

Lead Toddler Guide

Sandhya grew up in India, where she earned her bachelor's degree in education, and worked in a Seventh Day Adventist school. When she moved to the United States, she completed her Early Childhood Montessori training in 2002, and her Infant and Toddler training in 2009.  Sandhya's two children attended Franklin Montessori Schools when they were young, and she became a Lead Toddler Guide.   When she is not in the classroom, Sandhya enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, who are now in Middle and High School.  Sandhya loves to cook, paint, sew, and work in her garden. She loves to go camping with friends and family, as well.

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