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Specialist Staff

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Amy Beam

Science and Nature Specialist

Amy Beam has worked at Franklin Montessori School since 1983. She created Franklin's Drama and Spanish programs and led them for many years. She created the Beyond The Walls nature program which she currently leads. Amy is an instructor at the Montgomery Montessori Institute and at the Eastern Region Association of Forest And Nature Schools (ERAFANS). She won the Margaret O'Neill Early Childhood Nature Educator award in 2015. Amy serves on the Boards of Directors for ERAFANS, Ancestral Knowledge and Little Moon Yoga. Amy enjoys working with young children and their families, nature, and being with Franklin's families long enough teach the children of former students!


Julie Billingsley

Music Specialist

Julie moved to the USA from the UK in 2007, and currently works as a music specialist for three of our Metro Montessori schools, in Montgomery County, Maryland, and DC, teaching two to six-year-olds. She also trains student teachers for the Montgomery Montessori Institute.  She taught for eleven years in Scotland in a public school, teaching ages three to twelve-year-olds. Julie is an accredited advanced trainer for the Maryland State Department of Education, and is a member of the American Montessori Society. She has training in Orff, Kodaly and Delcroze approaches to music, and is a member of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of Orff-Schulwerk. She holds a Masters in Music Education and Montessori training, which were completed in London. Recently, she joined the Rockville Chorus, which performs classical and contemporary music in the Rockville area. She also recorded some of her own children's songs. She plays a number of instruments including, guitar, mandolin and most recently Ukulele. From Julie's travels around the world, she has collected some unusual instruments. She loves to share her musical finds with our schools, for the children and staff to experience, and play. Her aim is to foster an environment of learning through the practice of music and movement. Julie feels fortunate to have a most fulfilling job, in which music is a part, everyday.


Lucy Huff

Drama Specialist

Lucy Huff came to Franklin in 1996, and has served in a number of roles in our school.  She has been the drama specialist for over twenty years working with our students. Lucy began the pursuit of her bachelor's degree in psychology at Frostburg State University, and transferred to the University of Maryland, where she also studied art, philosophy, and Medieval literature. In her youth, her family moved to Africa, where she attended a British school based on the Montessori philosophy.  Even as a young child, she had a love for teaching.  She would line up her toys and hold class. Lucy's drama program embraces the entire creative process, which allows the children an opportunity to share their talents, and develop a production based on the children's input.

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Julia Wang

Mandarin Specialist

As a seasoned educator with over a decade of experience, Julia Wang has been a proud staff member since 2008, and has also taught Chinese within the American Chinese school system since 2007.  She has a passion for enriching the minds of her young students through interactive learning and demonstrates both professionalism and creativity in the classroom.  In her free time, Julia enjoys vocal performance with her church, and acting groups with her husband, as well as homemade arts and crafts.  She has two children, and loves traveling on family trips.


Sibel Zegarra

Spanish Specialist

Sibel Zegarra was born in Iquitos, Peru. For six years she worked in Lima, the capital of Peru, for the Association of National Industries in the accounting department. She lives with her husband and nine-year-old son Adrian in Clarksburg, Maryland. She received her certification for the 90 hours course in Early Education, and holds the Child Development Associate credential for preschool bilingual education. She has taught Spanish at Franklin Montessori Schools since 2005, and is also a lead preschool teacher. During her free time, Sibel likes to make handmade jewelry, sing, dance, hike, and also enjoys traveling with her family. She likes discovering new places to visit, as well as returning to her favorite places. 

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