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Infant Staff


Megan Didavi

Lead Infant Guide

Previously a primary Montessori teacher, Megan pursued a second Montessori teaching certificate (from Center for Guided Montessori Studies) and switched to infant/toddler. She is amazed by how much children can learn and develop, at such a young age, in a Montessori environment. She strives to understand her students through observation while she and her team provide the children with a loving, supportive environment. Megan enjoys taking nature walks, listening to music and cooking with her teenage sons.


Cristina Moreno

Lead Infant Guide

Cristina has been a part of the Franklin team since 2002.  Initially, Cristina served as an assistant in the infant, toddler and primary levels. During this time, she observed how quickly the children learned to become independent and self-confident.  This encouraged her to pursue her Montessori certification through the Montgomery Montessori Institute.  As a lead guide, she creates a peaceful atmosphere in her classroom, and provides the tools for her students to grow.  When she's not in the classroom, Cristina enjoys spending time with her two school-age children, and travel when she has time.

Nahid Tehrani

Lead Infant Guide

Nahid began her Franklin journey in 2004 and has worked her way to becoming an AMS certified Montessori Lead Guide. She knew she believed in the Montessori approach when she realized that a Montessori environment offers much more than traditional childcare for the youngest learners. After completing her internship at Franklin, Nahid expanded her education by gaining her credentials in Resources for Infant Educators (RIE).  Nahid is most passionate about creating a classroom environment that feels like a second home to children, where everyone involved demonstrates respect. In her spare time, Nahid enjoys cooking homemade meals from scratch and enjoys creating flower arrangements for her friends and family. 

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