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Extended Day Program

Extended Day includes time in Discovery Park, a great place for children to cultivate their creativity

Our Extended Care program provides time for independent exploration through activities that include art, science, music and dramatic play. The afternoons have been designed to provide a balance of free choice and organized activities in a warm, nurturing and highly creative setting.  


Developmentally appropriate activities are the foundation of the curriculum and daily schedule planning. Afternoon programs are play-based and experiential. Physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth are stimulated through hands-on real life experiences. Literacy activities are integrated daily into creative storytelling, songs, poetry and fingerplays. Creative movement and art instruction are offered weekly to enrich the program.


Community building is at the heart of the afternoon program. When children are guided to live and play together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, they develop positive character values. Our staff supports children so they feel safe and secure. We give them responsibility, model empathy and respect for others and encourage them to explore and discover the world around them.

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