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The prepared environment of Franklin Montessori Schools addresses the needs of the young child. The emphasis on natural peer-to-peer social interactions supports unfolding social-emotional development. An intense concentration on spoken language and cultivating the foundational skills of literacy supports the child in learning how to understand and communicate with others.


An emphasis on language, mathematics, practical life skills, physical and emotional development and awareness of the world around are also integrated into the classroom experience. Along with our enrichment programs such as art, drama, foreign language and environmental studies, the children are exposed to a broad variety of intellectual and social experiences.


The teacher’s task is to observe and support each child in her individual journey. The multi-aged grouping inside the classroom supports her in this task by exposing each child to a variety of social roles.


The availability of an extended, uninterrupted  work period and a meticulously maintained prepared environment are vital to establishing a quality experience for the child at Franklin Montessori Schools. Every day the children enter ready to work and spend time in this special place. 


Come join us. You will be amazed.

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